The Immortal Museum

Art Flake DAO

For Collectors

As an art collector, you know that you are buying artwork admired by our curation team. Investors who buy Flake know that their holdings are sought after by other collectors in the community.

For Creators

Any artist who becomes part of the Flake DAO has a free Artist’s Corner on the Flake website where they can display their own digital art. We accept art submissions from anyone, and the Curation Process is free of charge. If a work of art is approved by the DAO, then someone with an empty Flake can mint the art as a Flake NFT making it part of the Immortal Museum.


Version 1.1 Final
What is the Immortal Museum?
The Immortal Museum is a digital-archival art museum controlled exclusively by Flake NFT Collectors. The purpose of the Immortal Museum is to display and promote fine arts and discover new artists using the latest technology, such as Web3 and the Ethereum network.
How does the Immortal Musuem Work?
Each "wall" of the Immortal Museum is equivalent to one Flake, and our role is to make this art collection accessible to the world. Each Flake can be redeveloped, the owner of any Flake coin can choose the replace the art in their NFT with any art that has been approved by the DAO. This is intended to preserve the collection and prevent works of art that the DAO curation community does not approve of. There are no restrictions on politics or nudity, however some content maybe geofenced or require an age gate.
What are Flake?
Flake is a spendable NFT. Flake NFTs can be spent as a coin or exchanged for an immediate value on an exchange like Uniswap, and can also be auctioned off in auction houses like x2y2 and OpenSea. Flake is a digital asset; it is your legal property that cannot be taken from you by anyone for any reason. The Immortal Museum cannot repossess a Flake, and there is a set limit to the number of Flake that can ever be made.
How & where can I buy Flake?
Flake can be found on Uniswap. Ultimately, Flake will be listed on currency exchanges as well as NFT marketplaces. Mint an OG5k Flake by buying Flake from Uniswap - while supplies last.